9. August 2023


Hey, I’m Gumi, German-Hungarian Erocosplayer with passion! I’m really looking forward to be at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023, because it’s a lot of fun […]
24. August 2023


Hello, you may call me Miss Fluffy. I’m a plus size cosplayer from the Netherlands with a passion for costumes, erocosplay & spreading positivity. My cosplay […]
26. August 2023

Cira Meisen

Cira is a real elf who will enchant you with her creativity! She loves to incorporate her passion for art and fantasy into her work. She […]
28. August 2023


Between strength and sensuality: discover the fusion of armor and erotic cosplays! My love for large craft projects that take several hundred hours to complete does […]
10. September 2023

Artcore Cosplay

Artcore Cosplay or Elli cosplays already for 9 years and inspires again and again both with her heart projects, as well as with erotic photo art. […]
21. September 2023


Enafox brings your anime and video game waifus to life! Get a glimpse into the colourful world of her erotic cosplays. She loves to slip into […]
23. September 2023


Hi there! My name is Shae, a wandering artist mostly known for sweet erocosplay pictures! After over a decade of crafts and spice, I decided to […]
9. November 2023


Hey, I’m Alixx. I’m an ero cosplayer from Italy. I’ve been cosplaying since 2014 and I’m very happy to be part of CCON | COMIC CON […]
22. November 2023

Nori Cosplay

Hey, this is Nori Cosplay. This year I will have my second booth ever and it will be in the +18 AREA in Hall 6 at […]