Comic Con Germany 2016

Those were our starguests, special guests and cosplayers at CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY 2016.
13. May 2019
CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY 2019 | Specials | Comic Stein - Stuttgart Edition

LEGO® Modellausstellung

Unter dem neuen Namen Comic Stein – Stuttgart Edition bringen wir (Schwabenstein 2×4 e.V.) wieder viele verschiedene LEGO-Aussteller auf der Comic Con 2019 in Stuttgart zusammen. Comics haben […]
7. March 2018
CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY | Stargast | Robert Maschio

Robert Maschio

no-repeat;center top;; auto fadeIn Robert Maschio will be MC of the big stage in hall 3 this year. He will be available for photosessions but unfortunately […]
18. January 2017
Comic Con Germany 2017 | Cosplay | Lilly Fortune

Lilly Fortune

Lilly Fortune is the next Cosplayer who is coming to in Stuttgart. Lilly Fortune, is an upcoming German Cosplay star, she has always had a passion […]
19. June 2016

Manu Bennett

We are happy to announce a surprise guest: Manu Bennett is visiting Comic Con Germany! He ist polpular fo a lot of movies and TV-series. He […]
28. April 2016

Karen Fukuhara

With Karen Fukuhara we have the first actress from the brand new superhero movie Suicide Squad, who is coming to . Karen just completed filming the […]
15. April 2016

Jon Huertas

All good things come in threes: Jon Huertas is joining the Castle cast as well at Comic Con Germany in June. According to Jon Huertas Twitter, […]
15. April 2016

Seamus Dever

Castle gets support from one of his colleagues. Detective Kevin Ryan aka Seamus Dever is coming to Comic Con Germany in June. With the encouragement of […]
14. April 2016

Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntyre, best known from the TV series Spartacus: War of the Damned and The Flash is coming to in Stuttgart. The Australian actor Liam McIntyre […]
14. April 2016
Peter Roy

Peter Roy

The British actor Peter Roy is coming to Comic Con Germany in June. Peter Roy is a British actor who played different roles in the BBC […]
14. April 2016
John G. HErtzler

John G. Hertzler

John G. Hertzler was born in Port Royal, Pennsylvania, USA. His father served in the U.S. Air Force, so the family had to move many times. […]
14. April 2016

Robert O’Reilly

The Klingon Chancellor hasn’t only seen the Star Trek Universe, but has gotten around a lot: he paid a visit to MacGyver, Knight Rider and Numb3ers […]
14. April 2016
Comic Con Germany | Tasya Teles

Tasya Teles

14. April 2016
Comic Con Germany | Arryn Zech

Arryn Zech

Arryn Zech; Actress. Coffee Addict. Enthusiastic List Maker, according to her Twitter, is coming to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart in June. Arryn Zech is best […]
12. April 2016
Comic Con Germany | Candice Patton

Candice Patton

Candice Patton is coming to Stuttgart in June. She is the second actress alongside Wesley Shipp from the best known TV series The Flash who attends […]
24. March 2016
Comic Con Germany | Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion

We have a great pre-Easter present for all Firefly and Castle fans. No one less than Nathan Fillion is coming to in Stuttgart in June. The […]
3. March 2016

Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgen, best known as Raven from The 100, is coming to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart and she will join her to male colleagues from […]
3. March 2016
Comic Con Germany | Ty Olsson

Ty Olsson

A Grounder, who had been a vampire in purgatory, is coming to Stuttgart. Fans of The 100 and Supernatural can looking forward to meeting Ty Olsson […]
3. March 2016
Comic Con Germany | Melody Anderson

Melody Anderson

From Battlestar Galactica to Flash Gordon, ChiPs to an academic life – Melody Anderson surely has a lot to tell at Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart. […]
25. February 2016
Comic Con Germany | Kamui Cosplay


Yet another cosplayer is finding their way to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart: Svetlana Quindt aka. Kamui is presenting her work and gives a few tips […]
28. January 2016
Comic Con Germany | Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul

For centuries we have waited for the time of the Gathering! Now it is time and Adrian Paul, best known from the TV series Highlander, is […]
28. January 2016
Comic Con Germany | Caroline Munro

Caroline Munro

We have another Bond girl who is coming to Stuttgart. Caroline Munro is attending Comic Con Germany in June. The British actress and model Caroline Munro, […]
22. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Mark Dacascos

Mark Alan Dacascos

Hush! Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D spoiler! Mark Alan Dacascos won’t only join the series in season three, he will also join us for Comic Con Germany […]
21. December 2015

Hannes Schönian

Hannes Schoenian, aka HS Design, is one of Germany’s best-known male gaming-cosplayers. As he studied Stage/Costume Design and is now working at a theater, he has […]
18. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Brett Dalton

Brett Dalton

Let’s continue with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Brett Dalton, known as Grant Ward, will join Ming-Na Wen at Comic Con Germany! Grant Ward graduates from S.H.I.E.L.D. […]
18. December 2015

50.000 Orks Projekt

Das 50.000 Orks Projekt zeigt zur Comic Con Germany Stuttgart 2016: „Die schwarze Schlange und die Pferdeherren“ Trefft die Projektgruppe mit Hobbykollegen aus ganz Europa, die […]
16. December 2015

James Bond Club Deutschland e.V.

Martinis, Girls and Guns – Der James Bond Club Deutschland e.V. auf der Comic Con Germany. James Bond gehört seit über 50 Jahren zur Popkultur und […]
13. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Bob Morley

Bob Morley

We have a nice little announcement for The 100 fans for a perfect start to the week. Ok not really a little one, rather a bigger […]
11. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon

Arc, Sky People and Murphy’s Laws – does that ring a bell? If so, then say hello to Richard Harmon well known as John Murphy from […]
11. December 2015

AVP Universe Germany

Das AVP-Universe (AVP – Alien versus Predator) Germany ist die größte und aktivste deutschsprachige Community von Fans der Predator– und Alien-Filme. Der Clan besteht aus begeisterten […]
10. December 2015

Liekam Rent

Liekam Rent kommt mit seinen life-size Filmfiguren zur Comic Con Germany nach Stuttgart. Das solltet ihr nicht verpassen! Liekam Rent hat sich auf die Präsentation von Filmfiguren […]
9. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Corinne Cléry

Corinne Cléry

Corinne Cléry, best known for her role as the 1979 James Bond Girl in the movie Moonraker, is coming to Stuttgart for . Corinne Dufour is […]
9. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Patrick Currie

Patrick Currie

Patrick Currie is known to many Stargate Fans as Fifth, the human-form Replicator from Stargate SG-1 and he will join us at in June 2016. Fifth […]
24. September 2015
Comic Con Germany | Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman was born in Denver, Colorado. In her early life, she performed in community theatre shows. After attending high school in Argentina, she attended and […]
20. September 2015
Comic Con Germany | Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu starred with the A-list cast of X-Men 2, the sequel to the blockbuster sci-fi tale X-Men. Playing the role of the villainess Yuriko Oyama […]
18. September 2015
Comic Con Germany | Cosplay Cyehra


Behind Cyehra Cosplay there is Katharina. She is a comitted Cosplayer for years. In 2014 she got known for her first armor suit. Besides her most […]
15. September 2015
Comic Con Germany | Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson, well known as Kozik in 12 episodes of Sons of Anarchy is confirmed as star guest for Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart, in June […]
13. September 2015
Comic Con Germany | Cosplay Riddle


Riki Lecotey (known as Riddle) was a main cast members on both season of Heroes of Cosplay, not only winning the most numbers of awards on […]
9. September 2015
Comic Con Germany | Cosplay Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is a cosplay entrepreneur and professional model, famed for her cosplay and charity work. She has cosplayed Morrigan, Harley Quinn, Rainbow Dash, Female Joker, […]
14. August 2015
Comic Con Germany | Jon Provost

Jon Provost

Lassie is considered to be the most famous dog in the world and his friend Timmy isn’t any less famous. The same applies to his actor, […]
1. August 2015
Comic Con Germany | Cody Saintgnue

Cody Saintgnue

Teen Wolf at Comic Con Germany! We are proud to announce the first actor from the popular TV-Series, werewolf Brett Talbot, for our event in June […]
31. July 2015
Comic Con Germany | Lightning Cosplay

Lightning Cosplay

Laura, better known as Lightning Cosplay is an enthusiastic Cosplayer since 2012. And we are looking forward to meet her at Comic Con Germany … With her […]
31. July 2015
Comic Con Germany | Shiroku


Shiroku is presenting cover songs and original songs from popular japanese Anime titles. Her range of music covers J-Pop as well as new J-Rock songs up […]
1. July 2015

Robert Picardo

A wrinkled forehead, a grouchy mimic, but always very helpful – that’s Robert Picardo as the emergency medial holographic program (EMH), the Doctor on Voyager. He […]
30. June 2015
Comic Con Germany | Nicole de Boer

Nicole de Boer

Nicole de Boer, whose last name translated to „The Farmer“ and is a very common surname in the Netherlands, began her acting career as a child […]